Episode 021: Suzanne Morphew

When a Colorado mother goes out for a bike ride and never returns, the investigation into her disappearance uncovers secrets no one expected.[Read More]

Episode 019: The Skelton Brothers

Three young boys disappear without a trace, and their father has an unbelievable story to tell. But which version is the truth? What happened to Andrew, Alexander, and Tanner?[Read More]

Episode 017: Perrin Damron

A young mother goes missing on Florida's Treasure Coast. Did Perrin Damron walk away, or was she the victim of something more sinister?[Read More]

Episode 016: Maya Millette

The day she calls a divorce attorney, Maya Millete mysteriously disappears. Her husband doesn't know where she went, but she would never leave her children behind. So what happened to Maya?[Read More]

Episode 015: Summer Wells

Five-year-old Summer Wells went missing from her home on June 15, 2021. One minute she was playing with her toys, and the next minute she was gone. What happened to Summer?[Read More]

Episode 013: Michael Bryan

A woman calls 911 and tells the dispatcher that her husband shot himself, but her story begins to fall apart as investigators dig deeper. Who killed Michael Bryan, and why did they do it?[Read More]

Episode 012: Jelani Day & Daniel Robinson

Two young Black men disappeared a thousand miles apart, but their stories are eerily similar. Both left strange clues behind, but neither got the attention they deserved. What happened to Jelani and Daniel?[Read More]