Episode 118: Ashley Fowler

When sheriff's deputies respond to reports of a disturbance at an apartment complex, they make a horrifying discovery. Can they get justice for Ashley?[Read More]

Episode 116: Nadia Gehl

When a young woman is gunned down in her own neighborhood, police take desperate measures to hunt down her killer. Who killed Nadia Gehl?[Read More]

Episode 115: James Montoya

When a young man goes missing after a night at the bar, investigators hunt a killer while a family seeks justice. What happened to James Montoya?[Read More]

Episode 113: Marisha Cheong

When a young woman disappears in broad daylight, investigators are left with a strange trail of clues to follow and one important question: What happened to Marisha Cheong? [Read More]

Episode 111: Olga Ooro

When a young boy is found wandering alone, searching for his mother, investigators race to find answers. What happened to Olga Ooro?[Read More]