Episode 109: Dennis Weppler

When a man is murdered in cold blood, a community fears that there is something sinister lurking in the shadows. Who killed Dennis Weppler?[Read More]

Episode 108: Paige Johnson

A teenage girl goes out partying with friends and doesn’t come home, setting off a decade-long search for answers. What happened to Paige Johnson?[Read More]

Episode 107: Olivia Lone Bear

When a mother of five vanishes after a night out with friends, her family must fight the system to get the answers they deserve. What happened to Olivia Lone Bear?[Read More]

Episode 106: Ashanti Billie

When a young woman vanishes from a military base, her family goes to great lengths to find the truth and fight for justice. What happened to Ashanti?[Read More]

Episode 105: Jenna Van Gelderen

When a young woman disappears from her parents' home, leaving behind a handful of strange clues, her family must fight for answers. What happened to Jenna?[Read More]

Episode 102: Josiah Lawson

When a fight breaks out at a college party, no one can agree on what really happened. Years later, the question still remains: Who killed Josiah Lawson?[Read More]

Episode 101: Monica Walker

When a teenage girl turns up dead on the side of the highway, police search high and low for her killer. But did they catch the right person? What really happened to Monica Walker?[Read More]