Episode 063: Alexis Murphy

When a high school senior goes on a shopping trip but doesn't return home, investigators have to unravel a complicated web of digital clues to find the truth. What happened to Alexis?[Read More]

Episode 061: Emerita Romero

When local bartender Emie Romero vanishes in the wee hours of the morning, the entire island of Saipan sets out to find her. But when the search ends in heartbreak, her family and friends are left desperate for answers. What happened to Emie?[Read More]

Episode 060: Faloma & Maleina Luhk

Two young girls leave their home early one morning to catch the school bus, but they never board the bus, and they don't make it home. A desperate search leaves more questions than answers... Where are Faloma and Maleina?[Read More]

Episode 059: Khiara Henry

A young woman disappears on a solo trip to Hawaii, leaving her belongings behind in an abandoned rental car. Three years later, the question remains: Where is Khiara?[Read More]

Episode 058: Bekime Elshani

When a young woman trapped in an abusive relationship goes missing, an investigation uncovers years of violence and threats, leaving the family with one question: Where is Becky?[Read More]

Episode 055: Shannon Hercutt

When the body of a local businesswoman is found at the bottom of a mountain, officials quickly rule it an accident. But her family isn't so sure... What really happened to Shannon Hercutt?[Read More]

Episode 054: Irene Gakwa

Irene Gakwa traveled across the world hoping to explore new horizons, but then she vanished without a trace, leaving her family with so many unanswered questions.[Read More]