Episode 068: David Grubbs

When a young man is brutally murdered on his way home from work, investigators are left with more questions than answers, and a small Oregon town wonders: Who killed David?[Read More]

Episode 066: Cecilia Cabrera

When highway patrol officers discover a vehicle engulfed in flames, it ignites a search for a missing mother and uncovers a web of lies and deceit. What happened to Cecilia?[Read More]

Episode 065: Ali Gilmore

When a pregnant woman disappears from her Tallahassee home in the dead of night, investigators uncover secrets and lies that leave everyone wondering: Where is Ali Gilmore?[Read More]

Episode 064: Samantha Clarke

When a young woman leaves home in the middle of the night and doesn't return, her connection to another missing persons case leaves her family desperate for answers. [Read More]

Episode 063: Alexis Murphy

When a high school senior goes on a shopping trip but doesn't return home, investigators have to unravel a complicated web of digital clues to find the truth. What happened to Alexis?[Read More]

Episode 061: Emerita Romero

When local bartender Emie Romero vanishes in the wee hours of the morning, the entire island of Saipan sets out to find her. But when the search ends in heartbreak, her family and friends are left desperate for answers. What happened to Emie?[Read More]